post production workflow - glunaphotography

Gabriel Luna

My focus is in event photography and shooting video.

Media ingestion Metaloging Create a file organization structure so that all footage can easily be retrieved and backed up for present or future purposes. (There might come a day when you need to revisit footage or make a slight change to the existing footage) Watch the footage and rename them with key moments. (Doing this up front saves time and allow me to fully understand the footage I am working with). Story line edits Create a story in the timeline with the footage. This required creating sequences, cuts, transitions, Time remapping, stabilization and different techniques that I use to keep media flowing in conjunction with audio Footage improvements Color correction This required different techniques and different strategies to make footage look as good as possible. Audio Synchronization from separate recorder is required. Audio requires its own treatment in a separate program. Interviews and music give life to a video which means treating audio is just as important as editing video. Post Processing communication Once I have completed the draft I will email you with a dropbox or youtube link where you can watch the video and email me with a list of edits you would like to see. Once I receive the email with requested changes I will email you once again with a new version of the video. This process continues until you are absolutely happy. (If any additions not part of the initial proposal are added to the project you will receive an adjustment form to update those changes. )

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