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Gabriel Luna

My focus is in event photography and shooting video.


Emeryville Duathalon

This is a short video of a Duathalon taking place in Emeryville Califormia. The goal was to interview and highlight some of the participants of this yearly event. 

Check your levels

 This has been a quick blog post by Gabriel Luna.

This post is an analogy of my life. Hope you guys like the concept.

Here are 4 steps to view your life like a mixer.

1. Invest on a good board

When I say invest on a good board I mean invest in your body. Your body and soul is your temple. Treat it well, eat good, sleep good and no matter what keep pushing forward.

2. Check your levels

Make sure that you are successful in all aspects of your life. Balance in love, money, work, play is key to a healthy life.

3. Balance your output

Don't over exert yourself. You will grow old fast. Create scale-able systems so that you can delegate and become a team player. Make success a habit and not a one day thing.

 4. Mute the noise

If it does not contribute to your life's mission statement, GET RID OF IT! Stay focused. Invest in  yourself. Don't be a consumer of crap.

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